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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace- Be Prepared

January 8, 2018

Sexual harassment in the workplace received a lot of attention in 2017.  As an employer:
  • Do you know what constitutes sexual or protected class harassment and how you need to respond to reports of inappropriate conduct?  
  • Do your employees know how to report concerns?  
  • Do your supervisors know how to recognize and respond to harassment in the workplace?  
There are several basic steps that every company, large or small, needs to take related to sexual or other protected class harassment in order to protect their employees and their business.
Blethen, Gage and Krause has over 30 years of experience providing training to employers regarding employment-related issues.
In terms of sexual and other protected class harassment, we provide the following imperative services in order to increase awareness and decrease the exposure employers have in this area of the law.
  • Review of employee handbooks to ensure comprehensive policies and procedures are documented and in compliance with the law.
  • In-house or off-site customized training regarding sexual or protected class harassment for your employees and/or supervisors. 
  • Conducting effective investigation of harassment claims.
If you haven’t updated your employee handbook or provided training regarding sexual or protected class harassment within the last two years, this is an excellent time to have your handbook reviewed and to provide training to your employees and supervisors  to protect your company from potential harassment claims.  
Contact Julia Ketcham Corbett, Beth Serrill, Kevin Velasquez, or Alyssa Nelson to discuss ways in which we can assist your business with its employment law needs.  They can be reached at 507-345-1166. 
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